Completed in August 2018, Le Stella brings a creative touch to the heart of the La Condamine district. This luxury building is the ideal home for individuals or families looking for modern living spaces.


Composed of 99 apartments and 2 villas, two floors for parking lots and offices and shops. The successful design of the "Simona" inspired the design of all the apartments in the residence. As a result, the majority of the apartments are duplexes, each with a modern architectural style.


Each apartment has bedrooms located on the upper floor in the living room. Nearby are the terraces-loggias, which keep the living spaces protected and comfortable.

Two of the Stella's villas (equipped with a sauna, garden patios and a private cinema) harmoniously end the project.


The architecture of the Stella with its openings and the curves of the facade offer a more open perspective for residents and passers-by. Its elevation highlights the concept of curved facades with spacious loggias complementing the view, as well as leaving more natural light and air circulation.




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